The Pittsfield Pilgrim 

August, 2017

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Nella and Mike Hobson, Publishers

Editor: We asked our new friend Karen Brook to share a little about herself

Although I’ve been a writer for many years, I find it quite hard to write about myself! For 13 years I wrote a regular column on self-improvement, positive parenting, personal growth and applying Biblical principles for a more fulfilling and happier life for a Christian newspaper. At that time I was the Director of a full-service outpatient mental health clinic which I founded in Manchester, NH as I’d guess you’d say my second career after teaching choral music and music theory in public schools for 12 years. During that time I’d also been Assistant Chairperson for the then NH Commission on the Arts (now NH Arts Council), Choral Chairperson for the NH chapter of the Music Educators National Conference responsible for everything for the Chorus in the annual NH All-State Festival.

For five years, beginning with one summer off from teaching and not wanting my brain to turn to mush, I was also a movie reviewer for a weekly newspaper. But through all my life, this passionate thread for music has continually been woven. Since elementary school I have always been involved in music: either studying it, PRACTICING, accompanying school choirs since the sixth grade, directing a church junior choir at 13, teaching it, performing it (singing, playing the piano or organ) or conducting a choir or choir and orchestra beginning in high school. I played my first service as a substitute organist on Easter Sunday when I was 13. Woven throughout all my life has been this passionate tapestry of music.